Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Sewing Stuff

I'm making a noble effort at a fall coat. It is McCall's See & Sew Pattern 5515. It says it is supposed to be easy. We'll see about that. I'm making the longer version.

I picked out a very soft, almost cashmere-like cotton fabric in a brown and beige herringbone. It actually looks and feels like a soft wool. It's a small pattern so I don't have to match it. It's lightweight so this will be for the fall--assuming I can finish it in time. I still have another fall raincoat I started years ago that is 95% done. Maybe I'll take it out and actually finish it this year.

So this morning, while the local news is talking about Hurricane Earl moving up the coast, I pinned the coat pattern. I'm going to start cutting it out soon, but took a break to watch "The Goonies" (and all-time favorite), have my lunch and clean up my kitchen. Oh, and I knitted a few more rows on the blue scarf.

Now it's after 2 and I'm just seeing rain and a little bit of wind. I heard there are 10-foot waves out at Montauk (the end of Long Island, in case you don't know). We are on the North Shore, which is higher up, so we won't get flooding. I'm just hoping we don't get too much wind here, either. I don't want a power outage. Oh, well, if it happens, I can knit or crochet by candlelight, LOL!

For anyone down South, I send you my best wishes for safety. Earl's been downgraded but any storm is a storm too much!

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  1. Hello there......I found your link from "Homemaking Dreams". Love the pattern for the coat......I'd also love the confidence to sew a coat.....will be watching in anticipation.....lovely blog.
    florrie x