Monday, July 22, 2013

As Clean as it Gets

My office, that is. Straightened up my sewing table today. Trust me, it was a wreck. I took almost everything off of the table and carried the stuff to my dining room table. Then I went through and reorganized. And now all I want to do is make something and mess it up again. At least the floor is clear--there were off-season pillows, balls of yarn and a big Scrabble game box under there!

I have to move that heart box someplace else. It's just full of 'miscellaneous.' See the pile of red stuff next to the iron? I picked a color (red is my favorite, anyway) and decided to work on everything I can without changing thread color. The bobbin's already in the machine, but of course, somehow I don't know what I did with my red thread.
Tomorrow, if I am ambitious, I'll work on another section of the room. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

skirt template

I was lucky enough to find a brand new (wrapped) cutting board last week at our local Salvation Army thrift store for only $3! (Half price day!) So I was going to throw out the old one. Then I decided to use it to make some templates. The one below is for a skirt for me. The old cutting board has curved lines drawn on it, so I just divided my waist by four and cut out a quarter circle, including seam allowance. Now all I have to do is trace around this two times, with the straight side on the fold, and I can make an easy skirt!

If anyone out there is still following me, or reading this, please ignore how dirty the cutting board is! It's very old!

Best part about this? It folds up and I can just tuck it out of the way!