Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More on the Blouse/vest

Here's a few shots of the blouse-turned-vest. The camera doesn't pick up the turquoise very well--I think it looks greenish here. Ignore the messy desk on top. Actually, don't ignore it--I think I blogged about it on "Sorta Frugal," but fyi, it was free. Someone actually left this sweet desk on the side of the road! It's one of those that the front folds down and there's a bunch of cubbies inside. Amazing what some people consider trash.

Anyway, back to the top. I decided to do some fancy stitching down the front. It's times like this I love my sewing machine. I paid less than $200 for it at Wally World. It's a "Brother." I like that it has a pushbutton start/stop instead of a foot pedal. And a separate toggle for speed. Doing the diamonds would have taken forever on my old foot pedal machine!

Today I crocheted six more rows on the wrist warmers. I think I may have to at least let Katherine try this part on (the wrist) to make sure they will fit. I also did a round on the giant purple crocheted crayon.

Not really creative, but I went shopping at Sears today in the hopes of finding something to wear to my upcoming 40-year grammar school reunion. I almost didn't buy anything (I despise shopping, strange woman that I am) but finally decided to go outside my comfort zone and just try things on. I actually found 3 tops, all on sale! So now I'm happy. I just want to find a pretty jacket, too. I have a pair of black pants already but have to see if those fit. I'm just glad to have the top out of the way.

Putting an outfit together is somewhat creative, isn't it?


  1. It was interesting to hear about your Brother sewing machine. I like my machine, but it drives me crazy at times. But, once I had a loaner while it was in the shop and even though it was a new machine, I couldn't wait to get the old one back.

    Also, you reminded me of myself when shopping. I have started trying on all kinds of things and being surprized at what I like after I got it on.

    You have been very productive in the crafting area lately!

  2. You're very creative person, great work on the vest dear. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment on my site. Regarding the cookies, I'm not sure of its origin but the word "suji" means semolina but surprisingly it is not used at all in this recipe.