Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I hate pictures...

...of myself. Okay, mostly of anything from the neck down. It is true the camera adds 10 pounds and I've got 40 too many as it is. I have such admiration for women who are comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their size.

Here is me in the top I just finished. I must have taken 15 pictures before I found one I can live with. I have a fitting problem in both patterns and ready to wear in that I'm 'healthy' in the bustline, but I'm only 5' 2" tall and not huge anywhere else. All patterns assume when you are a 'big' girl you are big everywhere. Can you see how the shoulders are too big? I think I will take a little tuck in each one, but other than that the top is done.

Half the time anything I try on looks like I raided my big sister's closet. Which would be impossible since she is 2 inches taller than me and has a killer figure. (So does my little sister.) Oh, and I couldn't raid it anyway since she lives in Georgia and I live in New York.

I think this top will be nicer worn over a white blouse. But I'm glad to have it 99.999% done so I can get working on other things, like the coat. I still have to get my thread for that!

Hey, btw, I learned a good trick. If you have a digital camera that shows the image on the back, your mirror will actually reflect what the camera will take. So, given the few seconds the timer allows you, you can move accordingly for the best shot.

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  1. Your blouse turned out great and looks good on you! I have the opposite figure problem. "pear shaped" ... sigh.