Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I was happy to see that I'm able to do quite a lot of sewing on the coat before I even get to the parts that have interfacing. I have pinned the princess seams in the front and back and the center back seam. Since I have the morning off tomorrow, I plan to head over to the local fabric store for thread and interfacing, and lining if she has it.

I sewed in the neckband for my knit top. I was going to a simple binding, but because I cut it extra wide I'm making a different neck treatment. It will be a wide band and I will sew it down with several varieties of pretty stitching. I should be able to finish it by the weekend, at which point I'll take a picture.

This isn't a very exciting blog, LOL, but what it is is this: a way for me to keep track and not let things hang forever in my sewing closet, forgotten when new interests come along. And they will come along...I can't resist. Today I cut out the pieces to make a cute pencil case for a Christmas gift. I may not even start it for a while but at least the cutting is done.

I also purchased black cashmere/merino wool yarn yesterday. The price was 'ouch,' but I had a 50% off coupon. I am going to make fingerless gloves for my daughter for Christmas. She likes them and prefers black. A little pricey for homemade (roughly $15) but every girl should have a touch of cashmere, LOL!

Will post pictures soon.

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