Friday, September 10, 2010

Cooking for my daughter

Katherine has been going to Weight Watchers and hopes to take off some pounds for her wedding. I think she's already gorgeous but it's good for her health.
So I took a book out of the library: "Weight Watchers Favorite Homestyle Recipes." I've got Chinese Chicken wings cooking in the oven right now and made baked egg rolls earlier.

I fudged the egg rolls recipe a bit and left out the ground chicken, mostly because I forgot to buy it. They are now vegetarian egg rolls. They are pretty good, but next time I would leave out the water chestnuts. I don't like their flavor. I would substitute shredded cabbage instead. We'll see how the wings come out.

I've got some chicken parts 'marinating' in buttermilk for another dish. This one will go with twice-baked potatoes and a broccoli salad. The book wants you to start with 4 oz potatoes but I couldn't find any that small. I think it works on a different 'counting' system than the one Katherine is using, so I'll leave it up to her how to divide it up. Most of these things can be frozen for future meals.

BTW, taking skin off chicken wings is a PAIN. If these actually taste good I might just go for chicken tenders next time around.

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  1. Your daughter is very lucky, the dishes you're cooking up sound delicious. If ever I need anything skinned, jointed or de-boned my local butcher is very obliging and quite happily does the job for me.......good luck to your daughter with her weight loss programme.
    florrie x