Saturday, September 25, 2010

I love Church Sales!

There's a church near me (Lutheran, I think) that has a big 'garage sale' twice a year. You just can't beat it for prices. Today I brought home a gorgeous "Vogue" baby doll (fully dressed down to her bloomers and bonnet), a popsicle mold (really nice--looks like Williams-Sonoma), never-opened plastic sheets for my laminator and 2 never-used sewing patterns! One is a Simplicity pattern for toddler clothing featuring a top, pants, overalls and a jacket. The other is a set of classic ladies' blouses (button front, collar) that, wonder of wonders, is in my size.

Oh, my gosh, I almost forgot the best...six skeins of cream-colored Sugar N Cream cotton yarn! Looks like someone started a project and just gave up. All the better for me, LOL!

And what did I pay for this treasure-trove of frugality?

Wait for it...

$3! Three dollars! Can you beat that? I am sooo glad I saw the sign last night for the sale or I would have missed a great opportunity!


  1. Hubby and I had the morning all to ourselves (kids all gone for the day). Ran a few errands together and came across a yardsale. Believe me, you made out a LOT better than me. I walked away with nothing. Oh well, there's always next time. :o)

  2. That's fantastic, you lucky thing! I love Sugar 'N' Cream cotton yarn, lovely for dishcloths. Next time you go bargain hunting I've a mind to come with you.......oops, forgot about that big ocean between us, lol.
    Thanks for the comment on the pincushion, I hope you make lots of pretty pincushions of your own with your little cross-stitch pictures.
    florrie x

  3. You did great, girl! Aren't church sales the best? :)