Saturday, June 22, 2013

T-shirt rug

I've been working on this t-shirt rug foreeeeever and today I took it out again to add to it. I was wondering exactly where I was going to put it. Looks like Nutmeg made that decision for me--now it's a cat rug! I put it on the floor to see how it looked, and she immediately laid herself down on it. As you can see, the hook is still in it! Well, I'll just finish it off and let her have it. I'm sure here sister Melody and even Shadow will want to lay on it, too!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Father's Day Gift

Here's what I made Mike for Father's Day. It is not my original idea, but Mike got a big kick out of it. Of course, Katherine guessed it came from Pinterest! 

Basically, you take a big can (this one held 2 lbs. of peanuts originally), then you cut a piece of cardboard to fit down inside of it. I covered hte outside with decorative paper and put a bow on top, too. 

Now Mike has a place where he can throw his pistachio nut shells!

BTW, I am obviously still among the living. Just have too many projects that are 'in the works' and I haven't really had the chance to post. So thanks to any loyal followers who still visit!