Friday, February 25, 2011


The wind outside is nuts and the rain is pouring. I think most of the snow will be gone soon.

Just to prove there is hope for the future (that is, spring really is coming), I heard birdsong this morning. The birds flock to eat the seeds we throw to them, but they don't sing. At least, I never hear them sing in the winter.

But this morning, despite the rain, I heard a beautiful call. I think it was a cardinal although I couldn't seem him. My guess is that he's calling to a lady friend. Maybe it's nest-building time!

Since I found my socks book yesterday, I was able to do the heels on the socks I'm making this morning, while watching "Bones." Next will be the instep, then it's smooth sailing until I'm done.


  1. Very nice blog......I always love the first signs of spring.......Thanks for stopping by my blog.....
    Prayers, Bo

  2. I heard the birds singing while our snow was still on....maybe they know Spring is near.

    Show us that sock when finished....never made one in my life.

  3. Our weather has been so crazy that we've had robins walking around on the frozen snow looking for food.

    I always wanted to learn to knit so that I could make socks but never did. The only thing I do is crochet.