Monday, February 7, 2011

Handmade Coupon Storage

I change out my style of coupon keeping as my needs change. Until recently, I had such a good stockpile that I only used a very small binder for the few coupons I was using.
I'm back to restocking again and needed a better way to keep my coupons. I don't like accordian folders or big binders. (Although I did have a method where I kept the circulars intact in a binder. Now I take what I need and give the remaining circular pages to a friend.)
You could go out and buy baseball card holders that will pretty much achieve the same results as my little project here, but any time I can make a substitute I go for it.

So, basically, my pages are made with leftover cardstock and scrapbook paper. (Yes, that's Christmas paper in the first photo.) Sorry these are out of order, btw. I'm going 98% digital with my scrapbooking so won't be using up any of the paper I still have except in non-SB projects.

I cut 3 strips of paper 2.5" x 8.5 inches. I lined them up on the full paper, keeping the lowest one at the bottom edge. and the top one about 2 inches from the top edge. Then I sewed them up.

In the bottom picture, you might be able to see that I borrowed a quilter's trick and railroaded the papers together to sew one continuous line. Then you just clip the pages apart.

When you have the sides and bottom done (see middle photo), fold the paper in thirds. This will give you a guideline to sew between the pockets. BTW, if anyone knows a good way to fold in 3rds, LMK! I never get it just right!

Jot the category on each pocket. I did this as I went along until I'd finished resorting.

So...what do I do with the pages? I keep them in a leftover plastic envelope with a velcro closure. It's nice and flat so it isn't bulky, and it's clear so I can see what's in there! For my own purposes I ended up with 6 pages, or 36 pockets. I still have a few blank ones 'just in case.'

All-in-all a 'free' project!

Oh, and btw? Yesterday I got $50 worth of groceries for $24. My new method now is to search the supermarket's website using the coupons I have so I can match coupons to sales.


  1. I love that idea. I'm going to make one for myself. It will make it much easier for me to keep up with the coupons. Great tutorial.

  2. You are really lucky in the US, we don't have coupons in such a big way over here, just promotional offers instore. Your coupon organiser is a brilliant idea, maybe I could use it to organise other bits and bobs.

    florrie x

  3. I liked your idea about using a cardboard tube to store plastic bags INSIDE it. I never thought of that. I like your coupon holder, too. I've tried a lot of different methods to organize my coupons. I finally settled on a notebook for Smart Source and another for Red Plum. I put the entire pamphlet in a sheet protector in the binder and mark the top of the pamphlet with a marker for the date.