Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Jacket

Here's the almost-finished jacket over the top I made. (The Target bag matches nicely, don't you think?)

I have to do the hems and decide what to do with the binding. I'd use leftover fabric from the top but I'm not sure I have enough. Either that or just plain white. We'll see.

BTW...Shadow had his stitches out today. He is all done, at least until his next regular yearly checkup!


  1. Love the lines of this jacket. A white jacket is a great staple for your wardrobe.

    Glad to hear Shadow is doing well!

  2. The jacket looks great. I think I'd bind the jacket in the same material. That way you can wear it with any color. It's really cute with the top you made.

    Glad Shadow is doing well.

  3. Thanks for stopping by JewishMommie! Your sewing looks terrific, and I'm so glad your dog is home, safe and happy. We have a Scottie and without him we'd all be moping! Best, Rachel (JewishMommie.com_

  4. Looks wonderful! Good job. I think a target patterned scarf would look smashing too1

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