Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Cute, Super Easy Kid Wallet PT. 1

I'm designing some wallets for a friend's little girls. I'm all for easy, and want to share how I'm making them with you. This would be a great beginner's project!

First, you need 2 strips of material (one lining, one outer) measuring about 3.5" by 8.5". Fudge it--this ain't rocket science.

Then you need something to give the wallet 'body,' so you can use iron-in interfacing or maybe even a piece of felt the same size as the fabric pieces.

Iron in the interfacing if using it.

Now put the pieces wrong sides together. Yes, I said wrong sides. If you're using felt, sandwich it in between.

Now sew all four sides about 1/4" from the edge. Then use your pinking shears (you do have pinking shears, right?) to trim away the excess.

If you have a serger, knock yourself out.

Okay, see? Cute finished edges and no turning inside out!

Next, find a cute button and make a button hole.

Fold the wallet in 3rds, and mark the top and bottom folds with pins.

Please come back again for part two. Trying to cut and paste photos between my text is a pain.

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