Monday, February 21, 2011

Cute wallet, PT. 2

First, sorry these posts are backwards. I don't know how to rearrange them.

Last time around you folded the wallet in thirds and marked the folds with pins.

Use these pins as a guide to how large you want your applique to be.

I used a regular stitch to sew this down before decorating it. Can you guess what it's going to be?

A Bee! She is friendly and doesn't even have a stinger. Hmmm...looking at the photo, I might add another black stripe.

I leave it up to you how to make your appliques. You could use safety eyes but I happened to have googly eyes on hand. They are simply glued in place but everything else is sewn.

Sorry to do this, but I can't do any more on this until the glue dries. I shall return...

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  1. What a cute little bee! Thanks for your nice comments and your visit!