Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finished wallets

Here are two little finished wallets. Please scroll down two previous posts to see how these were made.

If you already read them, then at this point all you do is sew on the button and sew up the sides of the 'pocket.' I used the topstitching as a guide so I wouldn't accidentally sew over a button.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple little tutorial! We will return to our regularly scheduled programming (ie, my 17,000 unfinished crochet projects) shortly!


  1. They are so sweet, especially the little eyes, I think I may make a couple of these as Easter gifts.........like you they will have to be squeezed inbetween all the crocheting and knitting. Fantastic tutorial, thanks.

    florrie x

  2. Those are adorable! I love the appliques on them. My guess is there will be some adults making those for themselves....after all a lot of women collection ladybugs.

  3. Those are so sweet, and they look very easy to make; thanks for sharing :)