Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Mini

I downloaded a little booklet to my Nook called "Garden Friends Crochet Pattern Embellishments." The author is Sharon Santorum. I'm not sure it's available other than as a Nook booklet (it only cost 99 cents) but there are some cute designs that make it worth trying to find.

Here is a little dragonfly I made today. He's barely 3 inches tall. He'll be a cute addition to a future baby outfit or blanket.

I like this quick projects!


  1. How cute it is! I love to make one such.

  2. That's lovely, I can just imagine how sweet this would look on a baby blanket.
    florrie x

  3. That is really cute. A great way to use up those tiny bits of yarn.

  4. I love it! Its so sweet. Reminds me of a green shamrock a friend crocheted many years ago that you pin on for St. Patrick's Day. Glad you have projects to work on while being snowed in.

    I love the picture of Shadow with the sweater you made! LOL