Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ABC of me

I guess it counts as being creative to come up with answers to these. I don't know where this originated exactly.

A - Age: I'll be 55 on January 25th

B - Bed Size: California King--which is narrower but longer than a regular king. And a pain to find sheets for.

C - Chore you hate: housework in general so I do a little here and there and it manages to get done

D - Dog's Name: Shadow Dante

E - Essential Start of the Day item: Coffee with flavored cream such as French Vanilla. Give me all your caffeine and no one gets hurt.

F - Favorite Color: Red

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H - Height: 5 foot 2

I - Instruments you play: I still play piano but I'm not that good at it

J - Job: Secretary, File Clerk, Receptionist and chief-cook-and-bottle washer to a wonderful pediatrician. (Okay, I don't cook or wash bottles.) BTW, I used to be a writer and hope to someday finish the mystery novel I've been working on forever.

K - Kids: My sons are 20, 24 and 28. My daughter is 26.

L - Living Arrangements: We own a house which is a high ranch.

M - Music You Love: A lot of old things, like Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald, show tunes and anything else that sounds good to me. I really don't like country, though.

N - Nicknames: None, thank heavens.

O - Overnight Hospital Stay: For myself, when I had 4 babies. Not all at once, as you see from "K." Also slept overnight for most of 42 days when the 24-year-old (then 7) had been hit by a car.

P - Pet Peeve: People who don't signal, or signal as they are making the turn. Hey, doofus--it's supposed to be an alert for the people behind you!

Q - Quote from a Movie: "I'm older and I have more insurance." From Fried Green Tomatoes, right?

R - Right handed or Left: Right handed

S - Siblings: 2 sisters and one brother living, 2 brothers who passed away.

T - Time you wake up: whenever I feel like it unless I have to get up for work, then by 8 at the latest.

U - Underwear: nothing terribly exciting.

V - Vegetables you dislike: Asparagus makes me gag. Beets and lima beans are yukky. I recently tried turnips for the first time and they aren't bad. It is faster to list what I like: salad stuff, broccoli, cauliflower, corn and mushrooms.

W - Workout Style: My Wii fit rocks!

X - X-Rays You've had: wrist, neck, teeth, back. Nothing exciting. MRIs are cooler.

Y - Yummy Food you make: Mac & Cheese, Vegetable Soup, and something called "Western Hospitality casserole" which takes 4 hours from start to finish but is soooo worth it. Oh, and corn bread!

Z - The best place to Visit -I don't travel much except to visit my mom in Ohio. I loved London and Paris but that is in the past and will probably never go again.

All in all, I'm not very exciting...but I'm nice, LOL!

I hope some of you will copy and paste this then change for your own answers! Nosy minds want to know about you!

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