Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I just finished the pair of socks I started about a year ago! The last 25% went by really quickly. I'm sure I'm like a lot of people when I say I'm motivated to get something done when the finish line is close.

As I said in a previous post, I sort of 'get it' now. I actually started a second pair last night, even before these were finished. I divided the yarn I have into 2 balls and I'm alternating between each sock so they will be done together. Can you believe that in one evening I've already gotten them to the heel part? Okay, full disclosure: for these I'm using medium weight yarn and a slightly larger hook. They may end up being slippers if they are too thick for shoes, but I'll have fun with them.

The pair above are from the booklet "Paton's Stretch Socks: Sweet to Your Feet." Honestly, I got impatient with the tiny little single-crochet rows. You can see where I switched to half double crochet. You (the handful of faithful readers I have) know me--I never make anything 'exactly' the way it is written out.

BTW, yesterday was my 55th birthday. Mike and the kids took me out to a Chinese Buffet. And...they bought me a NOOK color! It is awesome! I've already downloaded things onto it. LOL, I can even read this blog on it, since I can get on the internet.

My first download? "Food Network Magazine." I also found a slow-cooker cookbook for about a dollar. How cool is that? it sox, or socks? Oh, never mind--"sox" gets a squiggly line.


  1. They look great. I think that once you pass the halfway point on a project it goes much faster. At least it seems to for me. I'm going to look for that booklet. I'd love to be able to make warm socks for Grampy and I.

  2. I checked and can buy the booklet online. Thanks for the name of it.

    A belated Happy Birthday to you.

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the socks!!

  4. I just found your blog from Granny's blog. :-) Ho fun! I've just started knitting again after many, many years. I'm an amateur for sure but just finished my first washcloth. I'm starting Christmas gifts early to save money.

    I'm now 'following' you and hope to learn more.