Friday, January 21, 2011

Frugal Friday: Save on printer ink

No, not on buying it. You save here by using less in the first place!

What does this have to do with creativity? Well, you know you print out a lot of instructions and recipes, right? All those pages take lots of ink, and (of course) the colored ink is especially expensive.

So this is what you do:

1. Highlight exactly what you want to print by left clicking at the start, then dragging the mouse until you get to the end. You don't really need to print out 37 comments, do you?

2. Open up "Print" then, under "Print Range," click on "Selection"

3. Now, under "Properties" click on "Fast" and "Grayscale." Grayscale means you won't use colored ink. Really, unless you want to keep a permanent copy (and why would you until you have made a test run?) you don't need this in color.

I hope this little Frugal tip helps! I am going to join in "Frugal Friday" over at "Life as Mom." Go check it out--lots of great tips over there!


  1. That's a great tip. I knew about the copy and past but not about the grayscale. I print out lots of things and this will be a bit savings.

  2. Here's another little tip for saving ink. Set the default font on your computer to "Century Gothic". Most computers come with the default set to the "Times Roman" font. Because it has broader letter lines and more "curls"(lack of better word), it takes more ink. After reading how companies are doing this to economize, we tried it, and we actually are buying ink cartridges less often.

  3. I copy and paste like this- but save it to a word document [I have two folders- onefor crafts one for cooking]and I also save a note of the webpage. ONLY when I am at the point of actually wanting to make the item or cook the dish do I print it off. And then IF THE RECIPE WAS A GOOD ONE I stick the pages into a book so I don't lose them.That way I end up with a recipe book of reliable and tested recipes!

  4. These are great tips. I do copy and paste and do the economy printing but didn't know about the Century Gothic font. I am doing that right now.

  5. I do this all the time! I never print anything unless it's in the fast setting in grayscale. Or I print at work! : )

  6. Oooh .... bookmarking this so I can look at your directions next time I print - thank you!
    Also, I'm so glad you liked the noodle recipe. I make it a lot!!