Monday, March 7, 2011

Yarn tip

I bought this crafts journal on the clearance rack at Michael's ages ago. Finally finding some good uses for it. First of all, I ignore the tabs on the sides. I think this might have originally been for scrapbooking.

I have all this yarn nicely organized but don't know what half of it is. This is because I tossed the labels after balling it up. Since I have some new yarn that is still labeled, I cut little pieces of it, taped it into my book, and wrote down what it is.

I also keep a record of what hook goes to what project in here. If I put a project aside for a long time (what do I mean , 'if'? It's more like 'when'!) I can reference my little book and know what hook to start up with again.

For sewing, I've started to make a 'wish list' of patterns I'd like. Next time Joanne's has a 1.99 sale I can bring my list with me and I won't have to plow through a humongous pattern book!


  1. Thanks for the great tips. I have a small journal that will work to tape a bit of yarn along with what project I used it for. I always lose the label for the yarn long before the yarn is used up.

  2. Hello my's been way too long! How are you? How is you new blog going? I see my favorite little clown over on the side, when is she getting married? Congratulations to both of you!