Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sock progress

I have no idea why this is underlining!

Anyway, did a few more rows on the socks. They're coming along nicely. I love how this yarn stripes so evenly.

Okay, now I'm getting underline and boldface. Can't seem to turn either one off.

I was going to show you a picture of me wearing my finished jacket, but it really does need a belt and I look fat in the picture, anyway. So I'll post it when I actually have a completed outfit to show. But it's ready to wear when it gets warmer. Not too is 57 degrees here today!

BTW, do you like my St. Pat's pillow case? I just slipped it over a pillow that has cardinals on it. I also made an Easter one that will go on next month. Why buy pillow forms when you've got pillows you'd just throw into the attic, anyway?


  1. Do you have a post showing a novice knitter how to make a simple pattern for socks? What kind of thread do you use?

  2. Those socks are going to be wonderful when finished. So, you work on them both at the same time? I guess I just assumed you would finish one then do the other....not much of a knitter here.

    The St. Pat's pillow is very nice.