Thursday, March 3, 2011

Started New Socks

I found this sock yarn on clearance at Michael's. I like the colors although they are very 'autumn-y.'

I gave up on the socks I started with baby-weight yarn because they had NO stretch. Somehow, the worsted weight ones worked out okay. They're too thick for shoes but will be 'wearing around the house' socks.

I have to get back to those but ran out of yarn with just the toes to finish. No kidding. And, of course, they were out of the color. I think I might just put purple toes on them (they are a teal color) just to finish them. I'm not out to impress anyone. I'm doing this because it's fun.

For these new ones, I'm following the rules a little better. I'm doing them entirely in single crochet. I've actually gone a bit further than this picture, with the top ridges all done and about half the calf done. I hope to get to the point of turning the heels by the weekend. I try them on every three rows or so to make sure they fit. I hope if I keep working steadily on these I'll have them done in a week or two. For me, that would be pretty good timing!


  1. I love the those socks. Such fun colors. I need to find some patterns for crochted socks. The only ones I've found is knitted socks.

  2. What fun socks! I think it would be fun to have different color toes on your socks.

    BTW, I love your craft closet.