Friday, March 25, 2011

Crochet Bee!

Here's a little bee I crocheted for a little friend. He goes with the crochet wallet from a few posts back.

I designed him myself. It was easy enough--I just made a sort of egg shape. The wings are actually a butterfly pattern.

I'm still working on a crocheted ladybug. She needs another 'spot' on her back then she'll be done.

Oh, you can't tell, but you could hold Bumblebaby in the palm of your hand.

Yesterday I received two books in the mail: "Crocheted Socks" and " 48-Hour Afghans." I got them via with a gift card I got from cashing in coins at Coinstar. I'm in the middle of other socks but I will start on another pair soon because the ones in the book look awesome. And the 48-hour afghans? When I do one of those I am going to clock myself. We'll see about '48 hours'!


  1. The little bee is cute. I'm going to look for the book 48 Hour Afghans. I love crocheting but have grown impatient in my old age. I no longer enjoy working on the afghans that take weeks/months to finish.

  2. I have been saying for 20 years that I will learn how to crochet. I have all sizes of hooks and probably several hundred books of patterns. All I am waiting on now is time.