Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cell Phone Holder

Here is a little case I made for my cell phone. It was pretty easy to do.

Just make a chain about as wide as the bottom of the phone, plus one chain for turning. Single crochet in the second chain then across to second to last chain. Make 3 single crochets in the last chain.

Now, instead of going back the other way, single crochet around the back of the chain. When you get to the other end, make 3 singles.

Just keeping going around and around (just a single crochet, don't do 3 more at each end now) until you have a 'pocket' that covers your phone.

To make the flap, simply crochet back and forth on one side. You could make a straight flap. I reduced on either side until I had about 4 stitches left. Then I simply made a chain from one corner to the other for a button loop.

Finally, sew on a cute button.

I chose a light fabric (it's actually baby weight yarn) to make my phone easier to find in my pocket book!


  1. I love it! I'll definitely be making some for my granddaughter.

    I found this site with free patterns today and thought of you.

  2. This is absolutely adorable! I love the yarn colors! Your Shadow DOES look like my chihuahua, Mylie. Very cute!