Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another crocheted hat

Here's another hat I made. This one is adult-sized. BTW, it doesn't look it, but it's lavender, not gray.

I'm getting closer to finishing the socks and will take a picture soon. Had to take a break from crocheting yesterday because the arthritis in my shoulders was really acting up. I picked them up again today and did two more rounds on each.

I also did another row on a baby afghan I started last year. Will post a pic of that soon, too.

This morning I made French toast out of a loaf of Challah bread I found when cleaning the freezer a few days ago. I make it in the oven, which is faster than the stove. Tasted really good and there are enough leftovers for another breakfast.

I took the ends of the loaf and put them in the Magic Bullet to make crumbs. Then I crushed up potato chips left in the bottom of a bag (Mike likes chips with his burgers) and mixed them in the crumbs. I added chili powder, cumin and a little cilantro. I've got some cut up boneless chicken that I will dredge in this and fry. Then I'll either freeze the chicken or we'll have it later this week in tacos.

My inspiration was the show "Chopped." It's a contest where the cooks have a basket of strange ingredients that don't seem to go together. Think: cornish game hens, peppermint candies and bulgur. Somehow, they have to create a dish using everything. The elimination rounds follow a meal: appetizer, main, dessert. I love seeing how creative people can be. They do manage to pull it off.

However, interesting as it may be, nobody in this house is ever going to be served cornish game hen with a bulgur-peppermint rub!


  1. It sounds like you have been very resourceful! I like using up items that normally would go to waste.

    I hope someday I'll get good enough at knitting or crocheting to make socks. :-)

  2. Pretty hat :)

    I look forward to seeing the socks.