Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An idea and a question

We had about 40 trick or treaters and ended up with a surfeit of leftover candy. I put some in a big jug (actually, an empty Protein Powder container) and it is in the freezer. I will use the candy for stockings and recipes.

But one thing I did not freeze were all the leftover Reese's PB cups.

Does anyone know if you can freeze Reese's? Does it mess up the creamy peanut butter center?

Also, I have an idea to chop up some of them and mix them in with peanut butter cookie dough I have in the freezer. Obviously I would thaw out the dough but I think Reese's mixed into peanut butter cookies would be totally decadent. Don't you think?

BTW, candy corn is so cheap now--like 50 cents a bag. I have found that if you mix it with freshly popped and salted popcorn (I don't use butter), it tastes like a popcorn ball without all the fuss. And you have probably already heard that candy corn mixed with peanuts tastes like a Payday bar!

1 comment:

  1. My hubby loves to eat the PB cups frozen so YES they freeze well!

    They are also great to chop up and add to cookies!