Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Crafting

In between bigger projects I like to do things that are finished quickly, preferably in a sitting or two. The little snowman and the 'doily' above fit the bill. They are from a great site I recently discovered, "Fave Crafts." The site offers many crafting patterns and even some e-books, for free! Here's the link:


They send you e-mails. Some are commercial but the subject lines make that clear. I only open up the crafty ones. The little snowman is part of a whole family. The 'doily' is supposed to be an ornament, but I think it's too big. I actually changed the last round of it. It will make a pretty coaster, I think. Can't you just see a nice mug of hot cocoa sitting on it?

My other big crochet project is a hat and scarf in brown for my husband. I'm doing them at the same time, alternating between the two, so I will finish them together. I'm about 85% done with both. I'm also about 90% done with the wrist warmers I've been making for Katherine. Stayed home from work this morning with a bad cold, so I watched "Home Alone" and did about 10 rows on my husband's scarf. That's the nice thing about crocheting and knitting--you can do it while you watch TV.

On the vest project, I did the other side seam and the front. Sewing the front (around the neck and down the middle) took some finagling, but it worked out okay. I will take a picture when I press it nicely. I need to find some killer buttons for it, something really sparkly.

BTW, is anyone else a surprised as I am that Thanksgiving is next week? Didn't we just finish putting away our summer things?


  1. Needlework of any kind is great for watching TV. I have a bag of embroidery stuff I made watching seasons of various TV shows.

  2. I agree that it feels like Thanksgiving snuck on me this year. *It* does feel like summer just ended. Sigh.

    Wow! Wish I had your talent at hand work.

  3. That little snowman is the sweetest thing! I haven't crocheted in years, but I may just need to break out the hook to try one :) Yep, Thanksgiving has sneaked its way in way too fast. I hope yours is wonderful!

  4. I love the little sweater on Shadow. We used to have a dog that looked just like Shadow and we miss her so much. Does your dog have any off spring? We are still searching for one to replace our Dear Jackie. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Dianntha