Thursday, November 11, 2010

Started My Christmas Outfit

I started my Christmas outfit recently. I'm going to wear a vest with pants I already have and a white blouse. The top photo shows the outside. In the bottom photo, I turned back the outer fabric so you could see the lining. The outside is a brocade in dark blue and silver. The inside is a shiny fabric. I should really jot down the names of fabrics when I buy them.

The darts and shoulder seams are done. After I press these pieces I'll sew them together. I'm pretty sure I know how to do this. I haven't made a vest in years.

I had originally sewn the side seams of the outside, then I realized that makes it almost impossible to finish the armholes without a binding. So I took out the stitches. I think the way to proceed is to sew around the opened armholes (or armscye, if you prefer) and to open out the side seams and then pin and sew right along from the hem at the back to the hem at the front. I'll try to take pictures of this procedure.

Not sure if I'll make or buy the blouse. I'd like something satiny with somewhat puffy (but not too puffy) long sleeves and a collar. No ruffles, though. I don't want to look like something from "Interview with the Vampire." I did have to take a closer look at LeStat's blue vest in the beginning of the movie, which I watched yesterday, as it was almost the same colors as this one. Fortunately, not the same pattern.

I think the lining fabric was actually meant to be used to make a sari. It's pretty on both sides. So's the brocade, but it was the dark blue that jumped out at me!


  1. You are so talented! That looks like it will be beautiful. Be sure to post "finished" pix also!

  2. Your vest is going to be gorgeous. I love the lining also. You're quite talented. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now a follower of yours and will also be checking out your frugal blog. I love saving money.