Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duh moments

Two dumb things I did recently:

I ordered some buckwheat hulls from an Etsy shop (love Etsy!) to make heat pads. So I made a particularly large one that would sit over my shoulder. I heated it up for only a minute and it was fine, but the heat didn't last as long as I wanted.

So I put it back in...for 3 minutes. Remember, this is a large heat pad, maybe 16 x 20 inches. So I figured it would take longer. Stupid move...

...I set fire to the microwave. No kidding. I had to throw out the heat pad because there were scorch marks and the buckwheat inside was black.

The house smelled pretty bad for a while, and there are permanent brown marks in the microwave, but luckily it still works just fine.

My other duh moment isn't as bad, or as dangerous...just a middle-aged moment kind of thing.

I started work on a new crochet project, a scarf. The first row says: single crochet to last stitch, pl.

I'm wondering what the hell "pl" stands for. I look it up in my big Reader's Digest crafts book. Nothing about pl. I'm thinking...Purl Left? No, that makes no sense. What could pl be the start of. Plural?

Then I realized that's not an "L" like the letter, it's a "One"! As in...purl one?

Maybe I was working a little too hard on that shawl. Which, by the way, Dr. A just loved.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your crafted items are very lovely.

  2. So glad your fire wasn't any worse! I've enjoyed looking through your photos of the lovely things you've made.

  3. Maybe it's an abbreviation for "please." LOL A very polite crochet book! :-) I have no idea what that term means.

  4. I make and use rice bags, so must remember not to heat them for too long!!! Glad you escaped with minimal damage.

    Also glad the shawl turned out great, despite those senior moments! LOL

    I'm jealous of all of you crafters who can crochet and knit. I need to get on the bandwagon and learn more. I can crochet some, but have never knitted. Oh well, all my time is going to quilting, which I love and am semi/ok at. LOL

  5. My Goodness, one scary moment there......I've always been a bit wary of microwave ovens and I'm never convinced that the food I put in to cook is ever really cooked properly, and so end up incinerating everything......never actually set anything on fire though.
    Beautiful shawl, glad to hear Dr. A loved it.
    florrie x

  6. I hate to laugh at your expense, but those are two very funny stories! I think it's healthy to laugh at yourself now and then. By the way, I've had a similar microwave experience with a baked potato and a quilted-type thing that was supposed to make it cook was very, very well cooked.

  7. Sorry about the heating pad, M2F. I hope you have more flax seed to make a new one. Your story reminds me of my own well cooked experiences with a microwave, particularly popcorn. And the time my sister-in law's oven caught fire while she was making meatloaf.

    There is a saying that a man who can laugh at himself will never cease to be amused. Needless to say, I amuse myself a great deal. LOL!

    HUGS! :)

  8. PS. Ooops, I forgot to say I am glad your doctor loves the shawl. I had a feeling the vibrant colors would please her since they are popular in India.


  9. Maybe next time make 2 heating pads so you can replace the first one when it gets cold.

    Sorry about your fire. I once sat the microwave in the fire by cooking something on a paper towel. Considering it was only for a few seconds, I thought it would be okay. Apparently not. Always scary when that happens. I'm glad you have no lasting damage to the house other than the loss of the heating pad. It could have been much worse.

    Thanks for comments on my blog about my dog's Halloween costume!