Monday, October 25, 2010

Finished Projects

I've been working on the shawl for months now, a little at a time. It is a gift for Dr. A, who had a birthday yesterday. I'll give it to her tonight. I had hoped to finish it Saturday, but still had a good 40 minutes of work to do on it with barely an hour before work. So I decided to finish it Sunday.

And just my luck, the yarn ran out about 5 stitches from the end. Okay, so I have to tear out the whole last row. It was a combo of half doubles, with 9 in one section and 1 in the next. I changed from 9 to 7 and made the 1 stitch a single.

It was meant to be one color, but I couldn't match the first ball of yarn so it's a contrast. I think it looks nice this way. This is a Lion Brand "One Ball Shawl" pattern, free on their site. It's one ball of yarn if a)you want it small and b)you get precisely the yarn they suggest. I added about 6 rows to this--the lighter pink, I guess. Dr. A is from India and is always saying how cold she gets, so I didn't want to give her a wimpy short shawl. I think she'll like this!

The bottom is my purple top. It was so easy to make and I'm happy to say I didn't have to alter it for fit. I just added a little around the v-neck to make it not so deep. Decolletage is fine if I'm out with Mike, but I want to wear this to work and I don't think low-cut things are appropriate for the office. Especially since I sit and the clients stand! No free shows here, LOL!

The fit and ease of use of this makes me want to try another Jalie pattern, but that will be for the future. Right now I'm busy working on some Christmas gifts!

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  1. Such a pretty shawl, it would be lovely to use something like this as a bedjacket..........I always get cold in the winter when sitting in bed with some knitting on the go, and a dressing gown's too bulky.
    florrie x