Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday Mini Project!

I am always misplacing my big-eyed plastic needles and my mini scissors! This is half the reason a lot of my crochet projects sit unfinished. I decided once in a while to do something about it. The solution: a sort of 'chatelaine'!

You need:

Ribbon--18 to 20 inches or so.
A sewing machine, needle and thread or glue
Your big plastic needles and a mini scissors.

This is so easy! Just fold up one end of the ribbon to make a pocket for the needles. Sew or glue it (keep your glue line very thin if you do it that way. I used a machine.) and tuck in the needles.

Tie the other end of the ribbon around the scissors.

I don't have a picture, but I folded the ribbon in half and put a knot a little bit from the top to make a 'loop' for hanging.

All I have to do now is always remember to hang it up.

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