Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buggy Buddies

Here are two little bugs I crocheted for a friend's kids. You've already met the Bee, but now she has a friend. Miss Bee is pretty much an egg shape and Miss Ladybug is a squished ball. They are my own design, which means I pretty much fudged it until I got what I wanted. I think I posted before that Miss Bee's wings are actually a butterfly pattern. For Miss Ladybug's spots, I just used a small hook (G) and made two small circles, then sewed them on. I back-stitched down the middle of her back to delineate for her wings. Their faces are embroidered with floss.

My bugs are small enough for a child's hands and nice and squishy!

Today I'm linking to a new blog I found: "Sugar and Dots"! Isn't that a cute name?

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