Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little shopping

I met a good friend of mine for lunch today. The restaurant is right next door to Michael's, so we always go there after we eat. I picked up some new sock yarn, mostly because it was on clearance. It might be a while before I use it, though. I'm finishing up my latest pair and would like to work on finishing a few other projects before I start something new. With that in mind I bought myself some of those big-eyed plastic needles. I'm always losing them for some reason! I have a few things I can finish now that I have the means of sewing in the yarn. One is a cute seal pup I started forever ago and the other is a little whale. Pictures soon, I promise! And links, if I still have them.

My other shopping news (a little bragging here) is that today I got $64.11 in groceries for $28.99. Total savings: $35.12! Yep, better than 50%. I love being 'creative' with sales and coupons. My best deal today was my coffee creamer. It's usually 2.99, but after double coupons and sales I got it for 40 cents! (So I bought 4 of them--I go through one a week, I'd say.)

Not only that, but you know that machine that spits out coupons at the register? Someone left a '$2 off your next shopping order' one behind. So I got another $2 off. Cool, huh?

Even though this is pretty much a crafting blog, I feel that we need to be 'creative' with our money in this day and age. So...has anyone seen that show on TLC, "Extreme Couponers"? I'm a little stunned and have asked when stockpiling becomes hoarding. Does anyone really need a ten year supply of toothpaste?????


  1. I watched that show and felt the same way you do. I think it has turned into an obsession with some of those women. I like stocking up but only stock up on things we use and keep a reasonable supply of those items.

  2. We always use coupons. We also have a grocery store chain that gives "gas perks" for shopping there. The Gas station affiliated with the store also gives "food perks" for buying gas there; 1% for every $10 you spend. We don't hoard, but we do stockpile, even things we don't use, if I have good coupons for the stuff. We are very active in our church, and we always hear of a family in need. This way we can make up really nice boxes for the families from our stockpile. This past week alone we were able to help 3 needy local families. Things are hard for everyone in this day and age, so it's heartwarming to be able to help others. We also delivered 8 Easter boxes this past week to needy families. The Grocery chain was kind enough to donate 10 pound hams for the boxes. This way we could really fill them up with goodies, veggies, produce, etc. Oh, and today we bought 30 gallons of gas.....for a total of $12.00! Yep~! TWELVE DOLLARS! Those gas perks really add up! The store we shop at is Giant Eagle. Check with your local chains and see if they offer this promotion! Well worth it.

  3. I watched Extreme Couponing tonight with my children. They (and I) were disgusted! There has to be a balance between a nice stockpile (to save money/be prepared/help others) and obsessive/compulsive hoarding behavior. The lady featured tonight had a $75,000 stock pile... over 100 containers of laundry detergent alone! (and she said for all 100, she paid about $25.)Speechless.