Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Still Here!

I haven't croaked or moved to Fiji. I've just been very busy and very tired. I made myself a crochet and knit 'to do' list that I follow every day to be sure I keep up with all my projects. I'm almost finished with a baby dress that I will post (soon, I hope). I'm working on several scarves, both knit and crochet, at least two afghans, a little bag made with circular knitting needles (a learning project!) and more. Meantime, I made this super-quick (almost) no-sew decoration for my piano:

I already had a strip of fabric, which I wrapped around a Ball jar. I make yo-yos every once in a while and keep them in a jar for future use. Here I have put 3 on the jar. The yo-yos are the sewn part, but you could just use buttons or anything cute. 

I didn't use glue on these. Instead, I used some glue-dots that I have left over from my scrapbooking days. (I still scrapbook, I just do it all digitally now. I have roughly 35 photo albums and just no room for any more.)

So 'hi' to anyone who follows me! Oh...and please ignore the wax on my piano. Thanks!

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