Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Garden Idea

Squirrels (or something else) ate the buds off my strawberry plants. When I bought another strawberry plant and a blueberry bush, I tried to pick up some netting at Wally World, but they didn't have any. Instead of hauling off to Home Depot's garden center, I made use of something I already had in the house--a bath scrubbie. You know if you cut the rubber band, they stretch out several yards? 
I had Mike cut off the pieces of metal that stick out of a tomato cage, which you would use to stick it into the ground. Then I turned the cage upside-down over my planters. I wrapped these with the netting. For the record, flipping the cages isn't my idea. I got it from a magazine. But, as far as I know, using bath scrubbie netting is!

We had a big rain/windstorm a few days ago. I was afraid my plants would blow away, but they held in place nicely!

1 comment:

  1. I like it! Now if you have an idea that will keep ground hogs from eating my house, I'm all ears!

    Actually, I used habanero sauce, sprinkled liberally on the chewed area to stop the house eating. It seems to have worked!