Monday, April 30, 2012

Apron from Dishtowel

I had bought a screen-printed dish cloth from "Oh, Little Rabbit" on Etsy a while back. I think I saw it originally in Country Living Magazine and fell in love with the Mason Jar design on it. (Was is it about  Mason/Ball jars that makes them so awesome?)
I used it as a dish towel originally bought thought it was too cute for just that, so I turned it into an apron. I simply held the towel up to myself and marked where I wanted to cut it away for a good length. That extra piece, after some more cutting, became the waistband. I used some scrap fabric for the ties. Since the towel is finished on all sides, the only sewing involved was the waistband!
Now I have a nice new apron that is also great for hand-drying!
Here's the link to the site: