Thursday, March 22, 2012

Squirrel Nutkin

This squirrel was acting kind of silly, doing back flips and hanging upside down from a low branch. She's one of my friendly 'outdoor babies' and let me take her picture. She might be thinking: "why did you interrupt my Happy Springtime Dance?"!

 Over on my other blog, "My Family News" I have been trying to do the 365 (this year, 366) picture thing. As in, you take and post a picture every day. I've managed to keep up with it, so far, but it's hard. Nobody's life is that exciting and I don't have any little kids who will pose for me. Most of my shots are of nature around  my house! But I've gotten this far, into nearly the end of March, so I think I can swing the rest of the year.

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