Monday, March 12, 2012

48 Hour Afghan Begins

I had bought a booklet called "48-Hour Afghans" a while back. I finally got around to picking up some 'bulky' yarn to start it. This will be in various shades of orange, red and yellow. I'm aiming for the fall. 48 hours doesn't mean I plan to work on it continuously. I bore too easily and have too many other things I want to work on. But I am keeping 'time' on this. I write down the times I start and stop. So far, it's taken me about an hour and a half to do 4 inches. A lot of that includes 'learning' time, but I've got the swing of it so I think it will speed up. I find the hardest part is the 'Back Post Triple Crochets,' because you have to sort of 'feel' behind the work to find the posts. Front Posts are much, much easier.

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