Monday, March 26, 2012

Buying Fabric, etc.

I want to make some Egg-shaped potholders for Easter, and I'm out of Insulbrite. (In case you don't know, that's a batting that is insulated and resists heat. Great for oven mitts and potholders!) I can't find it around here so I ordered it on line. But I did it in a way that saves me money. If you haven't signed up for eBates, you should. It's free, trustworthy (I've been using it for years) and it's a way to get money for buying things you'd buy anyway.

You go to the site and do a search. They do have Joanne Fabrics, and I use that a lot. (Especially with 40% off coupons!) But today I also wanted to use my Paypal account instead of my bank account to pay. So far as I've seen, Joanne's doesn't take Paypal.

I used, another reliable source. If you spent $35, you got free shipping. I need some bulk yarn for the fall quilt I'm making and some spring-y fabric for a new blouse. I made it to $36. I will get 4% back on that, which will go into my Paypal account. (I think the money goes in quarterly, although I'm not sure about that.)

So, things I need, free shipping and money back. And no driving an hour to a fabric/yarn store! Yeah, works for me.

Cut-out eggs, which obviously need ironing.

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  1. I have never heard of Insulbrite! THANKS! I always make way-to-heavy pot holders because of the heat coming through! I have to order some one of these days! Not only did you save money, think of the GAS you saved! That alone makes on-line shopping worth while! I just ordered the Flip Fold and can't wait to get them, since I'm so anal about neat drawers and!!! LOVE your blog, btw!!!