Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Little Bit Faster Now

It's easier for me to do Front Post than Back Post crochets, mostly because the BPs aren't facing me. So I decided to use some stitch markers where each group of BPTCs begin, and I found it made the row a lot faster. As in, I was taking about 18 minutes to do one of these rows and cut it back to about 11 minutes!

I think I have about 2 more rows out of this particular ball of yarn. I need to get to Michael's or Joanne's for my next color, since I only ordered 2 balls of this orange! It's a bad habit of mine, but a necessary one that I never buy or order all the yarn I need. I just couldn't afford it. For a project like this, where I'll be changing colors, dye lots don't really matter, anyway.

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