Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leftover Potato Salad Trick

I used those little peanut potatoes for salad on July 4th, made simply with mayo and mustard. I had about a half cup left over by the end of the week. So I put it in my Magic Bullet, added some cream and milk and blended it up. Then I poured it in a bowl and heated it up in the microwave. Topped it off with some cheese and voila--cream of potato soup! And there was nothing else to do with it because it already had all the flavor in it.

It was rich enough to make two servings, so I had some today, too. Today I just broke up a piece of Kraft cheese (like you put on burgers) and heated it together. The cheese melted right into the soup and made it soooo rich and yummy!

So next time you have just a little leftover potato salad, break out the blender/food processor/Magic Bullet and make yourself some luxurious Cream of Potato Soup!

PS--about the pickles I made yesterday. Keeping the skins on certainly gives them more 'snap.' They came out great!


  1. Sounds wonderful, M2F. I've always loved Cream of potato soup, but the calorie count has stopped me cold from ordering it in restaurants. I may just have to try yours!

    BTW, if you decide you need lace or any kind of trim for your sewing, I've found a shop in Etsy that is amazing!
    Suzi has everything you can imagine and she's a total sweetheart. The quality of her supplies is always first rate too.

    Happy July!

  2. Aren't Magic Bullets WONDERFUL?? I have a confession; I have TWO! One is packed away in case the one that I have wears out, which it will; I have mine set up right next to the sink, and use it a dozen times a day at least! In fact, I love iced coffee, so I freeze the left over coffee in ice cube trays. When I'm ready for my "fix" I fill the big cup up with the frozen coffee cubes, add half way to three forth ways up with cold coffee left from the morning pot. Then I add skim milk and some Truvia sweetner. I blend it all up in my Magic Bullet until it's slushy consistancy, and pour it into my 28 oz cup, cap it, add the straw and away I go; delicious, non-fattening, yet it tastes rich and creamy. No bitterness, just smooth flavor. I also use my Bullet (named him George) to grind up coffee, blend salad dressings (I only buy salad dressing now when it's BOGO and I have coupons so it turns out free) I also puree my garlic with olive oil and put it up in the small container in the fridge. This way it stays fresh and I don't have to peel and chop every time I cook. A heaping teaspoon to my pasta gravy is perfect. I blend onions and garlic together, along with some bullion cubes for the start of soup. Let's see; jello with ice and some cool whip makes a great slushy dessert for the kids. I can think up a thousand and one things to do with it. I LOVE MY BULLET!!!