Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I like aprons

Aprons are so much fun, aren't they? Such a great use for so little fabric and effort. Here are just three of mine out on the clothesline--more along the line but I couldn't get them all in a picture. One thing I always do with the aprons I make is to sew a washcloth into the waistband. This gives you something to wipe your hands on besides the apron itself.

 The two to the right are from the book "A is for Apron" using my own choice for fabric. The pattern for the one with the red flowers is my favorite because there are no gathers in the waistline. It's cut on a curve and sits nicely on you--and doesn't add extra weight to someone who is already pudgey.

For the middle one, I used two fat quarters. I cut one in half and sewed it to either side of a whole fat quarter, then cut the pattern from there.

The first apron isn't from the book. It's just a half yard of fabric, plus the trimming.

There are so many ways to make aprons, aren't there? And I just love how they look on the colorful!


  1. Oh lovely aprons. I had a request for an apron from my oldest girl, so your timely post is a poke for me to get on with it!

  2. What a cool idea re: sewing a dish cloth in the waistband. I'm always wiping my hands on my apron but that is a nifty idea!

  3. I love aprons too and wear one daily! I like a simple chef's style with a bib.

    Great idea about the attached hand wipe cloth.

  4. I like aprons too ... but most of the time I forget to actually wear them!

  5. Love the idea of sewing a washcloth into the apron band. I will have to remember that!