Friday, August 27, 2010

Somewhat sick today

Got a stupid cold. I actually left work an hour early last night. I'm only in the first stage of this--worn out, sore throat--so I've got my fingers crossed (not really, or I wouldn't be able to type) this is just a mild one and will be gone soooooon. I don't want to miss work tomorrow. I need the money, LOL!

I kept up with my creative efforts today. Did about 20 more rows on the knit scarf. I'll post a picture another day. I switched to a diamond pattern for a few reps, and am now doing the 'middle' of the scarf in a simple garter stitch. If I keep doing fancy stuff that requires constantly looking at the book to keep up with the knits and purls, I'd never get this done.

I did a little bit on some mittens I'm making.

I also started sewing another knit top. Debbie J. was nice enough to comment on my 'talent' last post but she (and others) don't see all my mistakes. Trust me on this, nobody on Project Runway has to worry about anything.

The burgundy top is finished, except that it stretched a bit in sewing on the binding and is kind of wonky. I may just pretend I meant to do that, LOL!

Needless to say, my mistake was in not putting stay-stitching around the neckline. I was certain to do that with the new top, so I hope this one will come out better. Either way, I'll still have 2 new tops to wear this fall.

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