Friday, March 29, 2013

Things to do with Creamer bottles

Here's an idea to reuse one of the bottles from Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer. After you clean and dry it thoroughly:

Use it to store smaller, wet paintbrushes! Your brush will be ready to go next time, without all that messy cleanup. Oh! And if you do this, put it in brush-end first. I didn't think of that and it is so much easier to remove if you can get the handle first.

Cleaning the bottles is easy, btw. I just let mine soak for a bit in a little water with soap, then I shake it up to make sure all the little 'bumps' get cleaned out. After you rinse it out, let it sit open for a day or so to let the water droplets evaporate.

I'm editing this a few days after I posted it to add this link, back to a Saturday carnival!

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  1. A perfect way to store brushes while you're waiting for that first coat to dry. This is brilliant!