Friday, January 20, 2012

A laundry bag

I made this laundry bag based on a design from "One Yard Wonders." It isn't exactly like theirs, since I didn't have a full yard of the blue and white fabric, but I like the denim bottom half. I think it makes it sturdier, anyway. Not that it needs to be sturdy--I have it hanging on the back of the bathroom door and it will hold my socks and underwear. It was another good way to get rid of fabric, as well!

The circular opening is cut using a dinner plate for a template. I used a smaller dish but I still think it is too big. But it does make it easier to throw things inside!


  1. I love it and I think the opening is just the right size. Good job!

  2. I made a similar bag years ago, it goes around a plastic clothes hanger and holds my panty hose waiting to be washed.
    I remember I had trouble getting the hole big enough so that the hanger would fit in.
    Hope you enjoy your bag as much I have mine. I know mine is more than 10 years old.