Wednesday, January 25, 2012

56 today

Today is my birthday. I'm 56. I have done very, very little housework today (you really can't do NONE or the place would fall apart) and have mostly been enjoying my crafts and messing on the computer. Tonight, we're going to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Mmmm.

I'm getting a repetitive motion pain in my pointer finger, which holds the crochet hook, so I'm trying to take longer breaks between rows or rounds. One thing I've been doing lately is choosing one project from each of the magazines I have and writing out the instructions in my own words. A little time-consuming, but it makes it so much easier than constantly looking back and forth between the small print on the magazine page (I don't wear reading glasses but it's still annoying). I can see what the 'repeat' of the pattern is and just write it like this: "Repeat is SC, Skip One, Ch 1."

I also 'translated' a cute pattern for a floppy bunny that is originally written in British English. What they call "Double Crochet" we call "Single Crochet." Confusing!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Hope the fingers don't get to probably do need to take a little break from that activity.

    Hope you enjoy dinner.

  2. Happy Birthday, Clare! We share the same day. :-) I hope you had a wonderful evening out.