Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Hook Holder

This one is knitted. I have to say that sewing on the felt piece was much harder, as the knit piece wanted to stretch in 80 different ways. So this is lopsided, but I don't care because it's only for me to not have to hunt through 10 hooks to find the one I want. I did find out I have 4 "K" hooks, though. Guess I don't have to buy any  more of those, LOL!
This is just a simple rectangle folded in half. The back half is all garter stitched. I did some fancier (but very easy) knitting on the front. It's in stockinette stitch, with some strands carried across the front here and there. Here's the inside:
I do have a "Q" hook that I bought from some mysterious reason which I will probably put in the back pocket.


  1. Clare, I found it irritating, also, to keep looking at the small print, back to a project, etc. What I did was invest in a cheap (can we say Dollar Store?) pair of reading glasses, and it was amazing how that helped! I didn't "need" reading glasses, but from working close on projects, etc, it was a wonderful rest of my eyes! Now, of course, I wear glasses, but it's a very mild RX for an astigmatism that I never knew I had! At any rate, I love your blog, love your crafts and we HAVE to get together so that you can teach me how to knit and crochet. Good excuse to get together again, huh? LOL! Seriously miss you guys!! I've been putting your photos of crafts over on Pinterest, hoping it generates some traffic over here to your you, girlfriend!

  2. Very neat project! Your crafting skills always amaze me!