Monday, July 22, 2013

As Clean as it Gets

My office, that is. Straightened up my sewing table today. Trust me, it was a wreck. I took almost everything off of the table and carried the stuff to my dining room table. Then I went through and reorganized. And now all I want to do is make something and mess it up again. At least the floor is clear--there were off-season pillows, balls of yarn and a big Scrabble game box under there!

I have to move that heart box someplace else. It's just full of 'miscellaneous.' See the pile of red stuff next to the iron? I picked a color (red is my favorite, anyway) and decided to work on everything I can without changing thread color. The bobbin's already in the machine, but of course, somehow I don't know what I did with my red thread.
Tomorrow, if I am ambitious, I'll work on another section of the room. 

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