Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nail Care Kit

I have a friend celebrating a birthday in March. I'm going to put some nail polish and other nail-care supplies in this for her.
Obviously, I still have to sew on the button. I am sorry I can't remember where I got the tutorial for this, but there are numerous hits for "manicure kit tutorial" if you want to find one.

You can't see it here, but the fabric has a little bit of silver 'glitter' in it.


  1. It's darling, M2F. And a handmade gift from the heart is sure to be doubly appreciated! :)

    BTW, were you taught to sew while growing up, took classes, or learned on your own? I've been tempted to get a machine, but don't know where to start.


  2. I was lucky enough that we still had 'home ec' when I was growing up (I'm 57, btw.) I also took Fashion Design at BOCES (a vocational school you could go to half a day in your senior year) and had a year of Fashion Design at a school in NYC. (I'm actually a better writer than crafter and switched majors my second semester.)
    Start with a simple machine--too many bells and whistles will just be frustrating. I like the Brother SQ 9000 I got from Walmart for under $200.
    If you've never sewn before, I'd learn to use the machine first. Obviously, your first step is to thread it. That's pretty easy as most machines have guides that show you where the thread goes.
    Then I would draw some lines on printer paper and just sew along those lines until I got the 'feel' of the machine. I'd move on to something very simple like an apron or a pillow for my first project.
    Good luck! I hope you do start sewing. Not enough people do it these days, IMHO!