Friday, February 1, 2013

Just a thought on Pinterest

If I spent half the time crafting/crocheting/knitting/sewing that I do drooling over things I find on Pinterest, I would hit my 1000th point of creativity in no time.

Pinterest is an addiction.

So today, I went to each person's site I've pinned (I know the parts are boards--what are the sites called?) and picked out one thing to do from each, soon!

For example, I plan to make individual little soaps via an idea from my friend Maryann LaMaster's page.

Nathalie Plumey pinned a super-easy-looking recipe (from for 3-ingredient Three Musketeers bars!

And since avocados are on sale this week, I'm planning to try some Avocado Egg Salad, from, via Pennie Rienas.

Kim Cochran has an easy row-by-row Valentine Heart to crochet.

I actually wrote these out on notebook paper, instead of bookmarking them. I think that this will make it more likely I really will do something with these pins!


  1. And when I saw these, I thought of you!

    Happy Groundhog Day!

    cr :)

  2. .

    Ha, those are pretty funny! Happy GH day to you, too. Punxatawny Phil and Malverne Mel (here on Long Island) don't agree. Phil says spring is coming soon. Mel says there are still 6 weeks of winter!