Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Containers

Here are some containers I've made recently. This photo shows them partially done, but I've finished them since. The taller small container comes from "Crochet to Go Deck" by Alicia Bergin and Julie Toy. The other small one is the same pattern, only I forgot to count and kept making the rounds bigger, so I ended up with a cute little bowl, LOL!


  1. Hi M2F,

    I've found some crochet patterns that were my Mom's in the stuff my sister gave me to deal with/dispose of, use, whatever. One of the patterns is for a utterly beautiful rainbow afghan. Have you any interest in it? I'd be very happy to mail it to you.

    As for my blog, I just haven't felt driven to post anything for a long time. However, feel free to check out my" blogs of interest". Some good people are on that list.

    Night, hon. :)

  2. I would be very interested in the pattern! You can e-mail me at lufmikidz at aol dot com. You are so sweet to offer it to me and I would certainly pay you back for the shipping.

    Sometimes I don't feel like posting, either. Life gets in the way, you know!